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Mercury Active Trim

Mercury Marine is proud to launch Active Trim, a speed-based automatic engine trim system with integrated GPS sensor. This intuitive, hands-free system continually adjusts engine trim based on changes in boat speed to improve performance, fuel economy, and ease of operation. It responds to boat maneuvers and speed changes with precision and delivers a better overall driving experience. No knowledge of trimming an engine is needed to take advantage of Mercury Active Trim.

The key to Mercury Active Trim is its integrated and patented GPS-based control system, which adjusts trim in accordance with boat speed and engine RPM.

How does Mercury Active Trim work?

Mercury Active Trim automatically controls the trim to maintain the optimum drive-position based on RPM and speed. As the boat accelerates, the engine will trim out and as the boat decelerates, e.g. making a turn, the engine will trim in. Mercury Active Trim can be overridden at any time by using the manual trim buttons and allows the boat operator to compensate for changes in boat load, driver preferences, and weather conditions while maintaining full automatic control.

With a selectable trim profile, the right trim for any boat will be set. Mercury Active Trim operates up to 50 mph (80 km/h). Operating boats above 50 mph may require trim adjustments using the control handle trim position switch.

At boat startup, Mercury Active Trim resumes on/off state from the previous shut down. For example, if Mercury Active Trim was on at previous shut down, it will be on at next start-up.

There is a trim sync feature for boats with multiple engines that works when in the Mercury Active Trim operating range. The system can match the trim better than an operator can manually.

The profiles have been created by Mercury, are stored in the software and follow the GPS speed to determine where the trim should be.

With Mercury Active Trim boaters can choose between 5 base profiles + 5 adjustable profiles within each base profile. Base profiles are selected by the dealer during the setup process by running the boat on plane and selecting the best profile for that boat. Once a base profile is selected, the control pad will be set to Level 3 of that profile. From there the user can go 2 levels up or 2 levels down to fine tune the selected base profile.

An additional advantage of the integrated GPS module is that the GPS speed data can also be used to show accurate boat speed on SmartCraft capable instruments (some limitations apply – please contact us in case of questions).

Available Mercury Active Trim kits per Engine Application

Mercury Active Trim is sold as a kit specific to the engine family it will be installed in. However, depending on the individual engine model and boat rigging additional parts may be required.

Mercury Active Trim is compatible with the following SmartCraft equipped engines:

  • Four-stroke non-tiller outboard engines 75-400 HP
  • 40-60 HP SeaPro outboard engines
  • OptiMax 75-250 HP
  • MerCruiser DTS engines (e.g. 4.5L, 6.2L 300/350HP, 8.1L, 8.2L)
  • Specific mechanical MerCruiser engines
  • Mercury Diesel DTS and mechanical engines with digital trim signal to SIM
  • Mercury Racing DTS engines
  • JPS (Axius) and JPO installations

We recommend to contact our technical staff in order to verify that specific applications are supported.