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New Mercury F80-F115 FourStroke Outboards

Brunswick Marine in EMEA is proud to introduce its new 80, 100 and 115hp FourStroke outboards, which offer the ultimate combination of power and thrust, unsurpassed fuel economy, extreme reliability and smooth, quiet operation – all in a lightweight, compact package.

Despite their low profile and lowest weight in the industry in this HP segment, the

new engines feature a 2.1-liter, four-cylinder, eight-valve, single-overhead-cam design that delivers more torque and horsepower than competing engines. The result is unmatched performance, reliability, handling and efficiency.

The new Mercury FourStroke engines are built with the same architecture as the extraordinarily reliable and extremely popular Mercury 150 FourStroke to ensure they start and run consistently and last longer no matter what conditions they face.

An all-new world-class, hydro dynamically designed standard gearcase with a 2.07:1 gear ratio decreases drag to improve efficiency and performance, thus consuming less fuel and increasing operating range.

Command Thrust

Whether you seek improved overall performance and docking maneuverability for heavier boats, added thrust and holding power for low planning speeds or overall holding in rough waters, the new robust Mercury Command Thrust gearcase delivers unequalled control and power for heavier boats or boats that tend to operate with more hull surface remaining in contact with the water.

The Command Thrust models use the same bigger gearcase housing as the Mercury 150 FourStroke, but with an all-new 2.38:1gear ratio.

It’s the first true oversized gearcase in the industry for outboards in this horsepower range. Heavy boats and boats with less efficient hulls benefit from the gearcase’s ability to quickly lift a hull out of the water, resulting in greater acceleration and superior ability to hold plane at slower speeds.

There’s even a 115hp Command Thrust model with left-hand rotation for improved handling and docking in dual-engine installations. With Command Thrust you not only experience the benefit of a larger, heavy-duty gearcase, but also the broad range of larger-diameter class of V6 propellers that go with it, such as Mercury’s popular Enertia series.

Better Boating Experience

This new engine lineup was engineered and manufactured to provide the smoothest, quietest ride. A tightly sealed top cowl and idle relief muffler system lessen high-frequency exhaust noise. A top-mounted throttle body fine-tunes intake noise, while the exclusive Focused Mount System greatly reduces vibration. Even the trim pump is designed to run significantly quieter, and a new clutch system reduces shock while shifting into gear. All of these features deliver a smoother, quieter, more pleasant boating experience.


These new fourstroke outboards also feature Mercury’s industry-leading anti-corrosion protection that includes Mercury’s exclusive XK360 low-copper alloy, liberal use of stainless steel components and the MercFusion paint process, which is engineered specifically for the harshest marine environments. Mercury backs up its world-class corrosion protection with an industry-exclusive three-year factory-backed limited warranty.

Maintenance-Free Valve Train

These new outboards are also the industry’s easiest to maintain, with an industry-exclusive lifetime maintenance-free valve train, no-mess oil-change system, no-tools-required fuel filter, color-coded maintenance locators and an up-front freshwater valve flush system.