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< Fünf neue Quicksilver Modelle für das Jahr 2012
08.09.2011 13:04 Age: 9 Years
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Quicksilver announces five new models for 2012 model year

Following the success of the new Activ range and the award-winning Activ 675 this year, Quicksilver is announcing an acceleration of its new model launch program.

In 2012 Model Year, five new models will be introduced:

    Quicksilver ACTIV 505 Open
    Quicksilver ACTIV 605 Open
    Quicksilver ACTIV 605 Sundeck
    Quicksilver ACTIV 645 Cabin
    Quicksilver ACTIV 705 Cruiser

These models will share key attributes of the 2011 MY Activ models, demand for which have exceeded all original expectations.

  • The new “Design DNA” for the Open and Sundeck models
  • A focus on the consumer-driven priorities: extensive customer research have led to Safety, Comfort, Versatility, Styling and Storage being the most important design aspects of these new models. The naval architect, designers and engineering team have created solutions throughout each model to meet those customer priorities
  •  Excellent hull dynamics: the 2011 MY models received widespread acclaim in independent tests for their very dependable and comfortable ride: the 2012MY models will share the same engineering and hydrodynamic design

All models –except the ACTIV 705 Cruiser- will be launched at La Rochelle, Genoa, Barcelona and Paris boat show. The ACTIV 705 Cruiser will be launched at the Paris boat show.

Managing Director Steve Coultate said: ”We are hugely excited about our developments for Quicksilver. Feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive – they like the direction that we have taken, the new face of the brand and most importantly, the products we are offering.  We have decided to accelerate our product development in response to this feedback”.