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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Welcome to the ACTIV Range from Quicksilver.

A redefined range of boats for families, friends and couples that gives you the freedom of the water, the freedom of fun and the freedom to be spontaneous. Boats that let you actively seek out life rather than let it just happen to enjoy it to the full, carefree and worry-free. Boats with flowing, dynamic lines that inspire you to get out there. Because life is more fun when you remove obstacles. It´s for living. It´s for remembering. It´s a journey. Life is not tomorrow. Life is now.

Time to get ACTIV.

Quicksilver Activ


The Quicksilver ACTIV Range has always perfectly blended fun and style with practicality and safety.

The evolving direction of the Quicksilver Activ range now builds on this strength with collaborations between highly experienced designers, engineers and naval architects from the Brunswick Group, a leading force in the boating world. A strong partnership that has led to an even greater line-up of fun boats with true integrity and depth.

Quicksilver Activ promises a world of style and innovative use of space made possible by the best in class length to beam ratio which also increases stability. A confidence further heightened by the deep V hull design creating a form that cuts through water efficiently and comfortably. A direct result of one of the most experienced naval architects in the industry being part of the team behind Quicksilver Activ.

So as you can see, we take fun very seriously. Welcome to style and substance.


SMART EDITION the Best Way to get the Options you Need

People are different. So why should every boat be the same? We have designed our boats for optimal use, but we know that everybody has their own preferences. That’s why we are introducing the Smart Edition.

The Smart Edition gives you what you need: a variety of options sets that are most frequent requested by our customers. So you can be sure you get the options you want.

Best of all, the Smart Edition has short delivery times and is probably already available at your local dealer right now – you’ll be on the water before you know it.