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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Next-generation Joystick Piloting

Few technological innovations have given boaters more confidence when docking a boat or maneuvering at low speeds in the marina than Mercury’s Joystick Piloting System, which provides 360-degree fingertip control over the boat’s steering and propulsion. For 2017, Mercury Marine is unveiling the next generation of the Joystick Piloting System for Verado outboards.

Mercury’s engineering team has made a series of evolutionary enhancements to the Joystick Piloting Piloting System, which is part of the SmartCraft digital technology suite. Together, these enhancements will take oaters to an entirely new level of driving ease and enjoyment. 


Joystick Piloting
Joystick Piloting
360° fingertip control
360° fingertip control

Key Features

  • New contemporary styling.
  • Integrated Precision Pilot Pad functionality makes Joystick operation even more intuitive.
  • New Joystick’s mode indicator prominently indicates to the operator Route, Heading and Skyhook modes, and shows how to change Heading in 1- and 10-degree increments.
  • New LED light ring changes colour to indicate status of Joystick operating mode.
  • Electronic Steering Helm provides the operator with more intuitive feedback on boat speed, steering angle, wheel turning rate and acceleration.
  • Enhanced reverse thrust for Verado outboards provides even better control in Joystick Piloting for Outboards applications.


Joystick Heading
Joystick Heading
Joystick Skyhook
Joystick Skyhook
Joystick Stand by
Joystick Stand by
Standard features


  • Move sideways and at an angle
  • Rotate on it’s own axis with a twist of the joystick
  • Intuitive, proportional control of thrust and speed
  • Enhanced docking control mode
  • Hold prolonged low speeds through no-wake harbors
  • Auto trim sets engine trim at optional level when joystick is engaged


  • Engine Guardian for protection and peace of mind
  • Based off of proven Axius and Zeus pod designs


  • 250 hp Verado
  • 300 hp Verado


  • DTS
  • SmartCraft
  • Dual helm capable


Premium Features


Access and monitor all of your vessel’s systems from a central location, or set the Cruise Control feature.

*Joystick Piloting available with VesselView 502 and VesselView 702


Simply chart your course and engage Waypoint Sequencing. Joystick Piloting will guide you to your final destination, waypoint by waypoint.


The control system uses its integrated electronic compass to lock onto your heading to keep your boat on course.


One degree heading adjustments can be made from the joystick and 10 degree adjustments can be made from the control panel.

VesselView 702
VesselView 702