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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Mercury MerCruiser

After more than 40 years, Mercury MerCruiser is still taking the water by storm.

As the world leader in sterndrive and inboard technology, MerCruiser is continuously dedicated to improving upon the most advanced power on the water with a number of technological advancements being introduced in 2005.

Whatever your boating choice - whether you run a hot sportsboat,  spirited runabout, fine family cruiser, serious fishing craft or hard-driven workboat - MerCruiser provides the big-power pleasure and reliability.

Still supreme in marine propulsion and with well over 2.5 million customers to prove it. MerCruiser: still number one in every way.

Mercury MerCruiser provides the power. You can depend on it.


Mercury MerCruiser
Mercury MerCruiser - At the Heart of Better Boating

Imagine. Leaving worry, stress and intimidation onshore.

Being in complete control of your vessel. Feeling absolute freedom the moment you hit the throttle. Maintaining your boat less often with zero aggraviation. Knowing whereever you go, the world´s largest marine dealer network is close by.

That is what we like to call better boating.

With MerCruiser at the heart of your boat, it´s no longer a figment of your imagination. That´s because everything we do - from product innovations to dealer support - is supported by a simple motivation: To make boating easier, more enjoyable and just plain better - no matter how you choose to spend your time on the water.

That commitment has made us a marine leader for over 60 years and the recipient of numerous prestigious awards. But more importantly, we use that experience to build better experiences. So next time you´re looking for a new boat, make sure to look within. Because MerCruiser is at the heart of better boating.

A Certifyable Better Boat

The Installation Quality Certification Program was developed to recognize MerCruiser boatbuilder customers who have achieved higher manufacturing standards. It is the first and only comprehensive manufacturer-installation certification program in the industry.

Certification applies leading-edge methodologies to create:

  • Efficiency and best practices specific to engine installation
  • World-class assembly and component specifications
  • Efficient installation processes
  • Industry standard end-of-line test procedures

Boat manufacturers that successfully complete the rigorous programme earn installation Quality System Certified Manufacturer status and receive an additional year of Mercury limited factory warranty coverage on their MerCruiser-powered boats that are registered on and after their certification date for all worldwide registrations.


Emission Control

MerCrusier is committed to Emissions Control Technology (ECT), offering a full line of sterndrive and inboard engines in the 135 – 430 hp range. To meet Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) emissions standards, Mercury Marine utilizes a reliable catalyst system that produces cleaner exhaust without limiting classic MerCruiser performance.

SeaCore System

MerCruiser’s SeaCore technology is a comprehensive corrosion protection system developed to ensure your MerCruiser engine handles the rigors of the marine environment over the long haul. Built-in corrosion-fighting features, including hardcoat anodized components, a closed-cooling system (which seals out saltwater from the block) and widespread use of stainless steel parts impervious to saltwater corrosion contribute to a system that’s the toughest and most complete corrosion-resistant technology on the water.

SmartCraft DTS

Amazingly smooth and responsive, SmartCraft DTS replaces the lag and hesitation of traditional throttle and shift cables with digital precision, resulting in a smooth shifting and instant throttle response. DTS also includes auto synchronization, allowing you to control multiple engines with a single control lever.

Axius Premier

The MerCruiser Axius system simplifies docking and low-speed maneuvering by using a joystick to control steering, throttle and shift. The intuitive and natural user interface provides total boat control with one hand, meaning virtually anyone can dock safely with total confidence. Axius Premier provides advanced open-water benefits.