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Friday, March 27, 2020
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Enertia ECO

Mercury Propellers

Redefining Protection!

Performance, quality and decades of engineering experience have made Mercury Propellers the world leader in sterndrive and inboard propeller production. Mercury Propellers beat the competition in top speed, acceleration and fuel economy.

Each Mercury propeller is manufactured my Mercury Marine at its dedicated casting facility in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, a legendary foundry that transforms molten metal into pure boating performance.

Getting ahead of the crowd – fast!

If you want performance and durability, look no further than Mercury’s line of aluminum props. Some aftermarket competitors claim to have performance that beats Mercury’s, but at Mercury, we test our own propellers as well as those of our competitors to ensure our customers receive only the best. If you care about the performance of your boat, choose Mercury propellers. There are no substitutes.

Flo-Torq Hub System

For superior prop confidence and dependability, corrosion-resistant Mercury props feature Flo-Torq hub technology to protect your gearcase. Flo-Torq is also designed to get you home in the event of a prop strike. Flo-Torq hub systems feature innovative noise-reduction technology and all Flo-Torq hubs are corrosion-resistant in freshwater and saltwater.

Flo-Torq II Hub System

Makes Mercury propellers compatible with almost all marine engines and can increase the performance of almost all marine engines.

Resists slippage. Yet more flexible during engine shifting — minimizes stress on the engine, engine drive and propeller when the engine is shifted into gear.

Cushions and protects the drive train from most impacts through reduced slippage and flex during engine shifting.

The Delrin sleeve of the Flo-Torq II system is designed to break away following impact — ensuring that damage to the engine, engine drive and propeller is kept to a minimum.

Highly corrosion-resistant through use of an advanced, non-corrosive plastic for the Prop Sleeve. At the heart of the Flo-Torq II is an advanced, non-corrosive plastic from DuPont® that virtually eliminates any opportunity for hub corrosion. By comparison competitor systems use brass, aluminium and plastic components — resulting in a higher probability that the parts will corrode and fuse together, thus making propeller replacement almost impossible.

Mercury X7 Alloy
X7 Alloy

  • 30% stronger than conventional stainless steel.
  • Four times more durable than conventional stainless steel.
  • Allows prop designs that are impossible with conventional stainless steel.
  • Patent-pending. No other manufacturer has access to the exclusive X7 formula.
PVS - Performance Vent System

On acceleration, exhaust is drawn out of the vent hole. When the propeller blade strikes this aerated water, it pushes through it much easier than it would solid water — causing engine rpm to increase more rapidly. Once you're on plane, the water flows over the vent holes and seals in the exhaust, allowing the propeller to again operate in solid, non-aerated water. Just by varying the size of the exhaust hole and controlling your engine's rpm, you can eliminate sluggish performance or compensate for changes inload and altitude.