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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Knowledge is Power

Our goal for SmartCraft is simple: make boating easier. We achieve that through the use of innovative technologies that are field-tested and proven to improve all aspects of the boating experience. SmartCraft technology is the backbone of Digital Throttle and Shift (DTS), Joystick Piloting and Mercury Marine exclusive features such as SmartTow and ECO. To keep you safe on the water, SmartCraft also monitors all critical engine functions and environmental conditions.

Ask your Mercury dealer for additional information and to help customize the right SmartCraft system for you.

Digital Throttel and Shift

Our SmartCraft Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) delivers precise control and smooth operation to the MerCruiser experience.

Advanced DTS features* include:

  • Start/Stop – Start and stop your engine with a push of a button
  • Single Lever Mode – Control multiple engines with just one lever
  • Dock Mode – Reduce throttle response by 50% for easier docking and improved maneuverability
  • Global Dimming Control – Brighten/dim all Mercury helm-component lighting from one location at once

*Features depend on control and application

Dual Handle DTS Control
Dual Handle DTS Control
Active Trim

The Active Trim system is an integrated GPS, speed-based automatic engine trim system.

This intuitive, hands-free system continually adjusts engine trim based on changes in boat speed to improve performance, fuel economy, and ease of operation. It responds to boat maneuvers and speed changes with precision and delivers a better overall driving experience. No knowledge of trimming an engine is needed to take advantage of Active Trim.

How does Active Trim work?

  • Active Trim automatically controls trim to maintain the optimum drive position based on RPM and speed
  • As the boat accelerates, the engine will trim out
  • As the boat decelerates, e.g. making a turn, the engine will trim in
  • Active Trim can be overridden at any time by using the manual trim buttons
  • Active Trim allows the boat operator to compensate for changes in boat load, driver preferences, and weather conditions while maintaining full automatic control
  • A selectable trim profile will set the right trim for any boat
  • Active Trim operates up to 50 mph (80 kmph)
  • Operation above 50 mph may require trim adjustments using the control handle trim position switch


Mercury Active Trim
Mercury Active Trim

Mercury VesselView – the premier engine information display in the industry – allows boaters to display engine information, genset, sounder, HVAC and much more

VesselView 502 & VesselView 702 provide multiple advanced features:

  • 5-inch widescreen display with 16x9 HD aspect ratio
  • Features a bright 16x9 aspect ratio, high definition glass touchscreen with glare reducing coating and dimmable lighting
  • Features a built in 10Hz GPS and chart plotter capability
  • Can be integrated with all the Simrad accessories for the NSS evo2product line: Radar, Sonar transducers, Fish Finder transducers, AIS, VHF, Sonic Hub/Fusion Link, C-Zone digital switching and more
  • Descriptive fault text display provides up-to-date information for 30+ engine parameters
  • Gateway functionality to allow SmartCraft data to be displayed o NMEA 2000 devices

VesselView 702 Exclusive Features:

  • Hybrid touch screen and button interface allows users preferences for display interaction
  • Incorporates two video input
  • Equipped with a Micro SD card slot.


VesselView 702
VesselView 702
VesselView 502
VesselView 502
VesselView Mobile

Available for iOS and Android mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, the VesselView Mobile app instantly provided users access to their boat’s SmartCraft digital data in the palm of their hand.

The product is compatible with all Mercury SmartCraft-capable engines 40 hp and above built since 2003. One module supports singe through quad engine applications.

The app also includes useful new features such as fuel information, maintenance reminders, mapping, performance summary, and fault code diagnostics.

VesselView Mobile
VesselView Mobile
VesselView Mobile App
VesselView Mobile App
Theft Deterrent System (TDS)

The Mercury Theft Deterrent System (TDS) improves boat and engine security. Simply plug the automotive-style key fob into the docking station on the helm and you’re present, but rpm is limited.

The Mercury Premium Theft Deterrent System protects your boat by providing remote satellite monitoring of the on-board standard TDS and vital engine parameters and faults. The system also uses GPS signals to track boat location and can even notify you if your boat has left a user-defined boundary.

TDS-Docking Station
TDS-Docking Station
Moving Propeller Alert

The MP Alert system is the ideal safety choice to notify swimmers that a propeller is in motion. This system uses LED lights on the stern of the boat to alert swimmers that the propeller is moving. It’s available in either a round or oval-shaped light package.

MP Alarm, Oval