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Saturday, March 28, 2020

MotorGuide Electric Motors

Where Engineering and Angling Come Together

MotorGuide continues to build on a rich legacy of product innovation that began nearly 60 years ago. Backed by a strong commitment and dedicated resources, we have a renewed focus on designing, engineering and manufacturing best-in-class trolling motors that deliver quiet operation, precise control and ease of use. Plus, we’re working to exceed our customer’s expectations for motors that are reliable and durable over the long haul. Here are just a few examples of the innovative technology and attention to detail that makes MotorGuide the choice of today’s top anglers. At the moment you can choose between 5 different high-performance MotorGuide models.


Our Lower Unit is an Armor-Plated Workhouse. It’s tough as nails, runs cooler and lasts longer. It starts with a TGIC polyester topcoat for protection against scrapes and general abuse. Our saltwater motors undergo an even higher level of corrosion resistance with a multi-stage coating process that includes 99.9% pure AlumiPlate coating under zinc-free epoxy powder primer. Of course, every motor is water and pressure tested for optimum seal.

MotorGuide Pontoon

Unrivaled Sonar Performance. Our built-in 83/200 kHz sonar transducer delivers industry-leading clarity and detail, so you can pinpoint more fish and structure. It has an integrated temperature sensor and the nose cone is epoxy-potted for maxi-mum protection. Compatibility with most leading sonar brands is easy with our Sonar Adapter cables.

Run with the Digital Difference. Smooth and precise variable speed control from 0% - 100% throttle and extended battery life (up to five times longer) are two reasons why more anglers are choosing motors equipped with our Digital power management technology. Digital’s highly efficient, state of the art components run at lower temperatures, which means more power to the thrust motor. Plus, smart safeguards protect the motor and its components under severe operating conditions.

A New Spin on Steering. We’re focused on developing technology that improves boat control, and puts you in the best position to catch fish. An example is our Variable Ratio Steering technology, which provides an added and measure of precision steering in the primary angling zone. This innovation utilizes proprietary technology that allows you to steer incrementally and precisely in a defined zone in front of the boat. Plus it reduces torque feedback for smoother operation. Available on selected motors. 

Take Boat Control to the Next Level

Pinpoint GPS takes boat control to the next level with an ultra-precise receiver and two digital compasses for best-in-class accuracy. Pinpoint GPS and the Xi5 wireless trolling motor work together to navigate your boat – so you can focus on fishing.