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Friday, March 27, 2020
Control Panel

The Zipwake System

Zipwake Series S, the world’s first inexpensive dynamic trim-control system, incorporates a state-of-the-art family of durable, fast-acting interceptors. The system is fully automatic. It significantly enhances the boat’s performance, fuel economy, comfort and safety when accelerating, turning or running in a seaway.

  • Dynamically eliminates uncomfortable and dangerous boat pitch and roll.
  • Automatically minimizes wave resistance and saves fuel.
  • Built-in quality, simplicity and easy expansion, yet still affordable.

Interceptors vs. Trim Tabs

·  More Efficient Lift
Near full beam interceptor arrangements are much more efficient at making lift compared to trim tabs with narrow span.

·  Less Drag
Zipwake’s interceptor blade extends just 30 mm, whereas trim tabs often project 150 mm reflecting substantial drag.

· 5 Times Faster Actuation
Zipwake’s blade stroke takes 1.5 seconds, outperforming conventional trim tabs by at least a factor of 5.

·  Less Wake
Interceptors provide more effective trim control creating less waves which directly leads to better fuel economy.


·   Comfort and safety
Dynamically eliminates uncomfortable and dangerous boat pitch and roll.

·   Performance and fuel economy
Automatically minimizes wave resistance and saves fuel. 

·   Intuitive and precise control
Innovative 3D controls provide unmatched control of running trim, heel or heading.

·  Durable and effective
Patented series of durable fast-acting interceptors provide supreme lift force characteristics. 

·  Complete and competitive
All-inclusive mass-produced modular design provides built-in quality, simple installation and easy expansion, whilst making the system affordable.

Control Panel

Zipwake's stylish control panel is carefully designed to be user-friendly and intuitive to allow the driver to focus on the right thing - enjoying the boat ride!

The panel's two unique control wheels provide easy, quick and intuitive manual control of running trim, heel or heading. However, the system normally operates in automatic control mode, which is enabled by a single press on the AUTO button. In this mode, the built-in high-frequency GPS, 3D gyro sensos and robust motion controller automatically ensure dynamic elimination of un-comfortable and dangerous boat pitch and roll. 

The system provides continuous feedback of boat speed, pitch and roll angle, as well as the interceptors's positions, on a 2.4" sunlight-readable color display. 

  • Fully automatic
  • Dynamic pitch and roll control
  • Steering enhancement
  • Built-in GPS and motion sensors
  • Unique and intuitive 3D controls
  • Sunlight readable color display
  • Instant state user feedback
  • Auto power on/off via ignition key sense
  • Full range of electrical interfaces
  • NMEA 2000
  • Waterproof
  • Auto dimming/ night mode
  • Upgradable via USB stick
  • Up to four control panels in the system
  • Surface or flush mount
  • Manages installation configurations from 1 up to 6 interceptors

Kit Boxes

A Kit Box includes all parts needed to install a Dynamic Trim Control System with one pair of fast-acting interceptors. There are four different Kit Boxes with straight interceptors, one for each interceptor length, and two different Kit Boxes with chine interceptors. 

Any base installation can be expanded with up to two extra pairs of Series S interceptors, thus allowing a total of six interceptors without any need for additional connectors or power supply.

Chine Interceptors

Chine interceptors provide a unique means of maximizing pitch and roll motion control by utilizing the furthest outboard surfaces of the hull bottom for lift generation.

As a rule, the lift effect of a chine interceptor matches the lift of a straight interceptor one size lager mounted inboard of the chine, making them the go-to choice when selecting interceptors. 

Intermediate Interceptors

When space between multiple outboards of sterndrives is tight, an intermediate interceptor offers a viable alternative for additional pitch and roll motion control not possible with a straight interceptor without degrading propeller performance. 

Thanks to their special blade shape, intermediate interceptors generate a narrower trail, thus mitigating propeller inflow disturbance and even allowing installation between outboards mounted at their minimum offset. 

V-Shaped Interceptors

We are proud to present our latest "world's first" - mass produced V-shaped interceptors. They make the successful Series S even more versatile and highly competitive. V-shaped interceptors for centerline mounting are perfect for filling the gap between twin outboards or sterndrives, as well as dual propeller tunnels.

The four V-shaped models cover deadrise angles effectively between 11 to 24 degrees.

V-shaped centerline mounted interceptors can be included in new installations, or retro-fitted to already installed systems.
The modular design enables boat designers to develop their own novel applications, e.g. in multihulls or stepped high-speed craft.