Mariner Outboard Engines

Solid Reliablity

Mariner engineers have focused heavily on durability, reliability, noise reduction, overall ease of operation and surpassed corrosion protection to further refine the range of Mariner outboards.

2,5–150 PS

Mariner FourStroke

Reliability comes as standard

Backed by decades of experience on water all over the world, our FourStroke models deliver reliable, economical performance you can count on season after season. They are reliable, powerful and efficient. Special attention was brought to user-oriented design which results in QR-Codes for access to the model-specific maintenance manual placed directly on the engines or the ergonomic tiller for the F15 EFI and F20 EFI models.

150 FourStroke
The mission to our engineers was: design and make the most reliable 150 hp FourStroke outboard in the industry. To do that they started with a strong 3,0L block capable of producing more than 250 hp and asked it to deliver only 150 hp. Doing so greatly increases the powerhead´s long term durability. Additionally, its small, compact design makes it a perfect fit with a wide range of boating applications.

75/90/115 FourStroke
These FourStroke outboards displace 2,1 litres, which means they work smarter – not harder – leading to improved durability and longer life, not to mention greater hole short, superior overall acceleration and awesome top speed. Less weight combined with high displacement helps these FourStroke outboards provide maximum fuel efficiency, especially at cruising speeds.

40/60 FourStroke
The Mercury 40 hp and 60 hp EFI engines capability – a comprehensive boat and propulsion monitoring system, supplying detailed engine status and performance data for virtually all engine functions such a trim, speed, rpm, troll control, fuel flow and for a wealth of boat functions, like fuel level, battery voltage. SmartCraft also supports advanced optional features like the Active Trim or Theft Deterrence System (TDS).

30 FourStroke
When the battery on an ordinary engine is drained, you have nowhere to go. Not so with a Mercury 30 hp FourStroke. Every engine in the horsepower range comes standard with a manual recoil starter. So even if the battery quits, you can take matters into your own hands and keep your boating trip going. These engines also feature loads of strong, low end torque and the multifunction tiller handle which allows you to cruise the water with one hand behind your back.

15/20 FourStroke
Mercury F15 EFI and F20 EFI models feature Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) for outstanding performance and improved fuel economy. The engines are ready for a wide range of applications; choose rope or electric starting, tiller or remote control, and up to three shaft-length options. One outstanding feature for tiller controlled models is the ergonomic tiller, which is fully adjustable to your needs and preferences.

2.5/3.5/4/5/6/8/9.9 FourStroke
Also our small outboards are packed with big features and live up to highest requirements in terms of performance, efficiency and durability. No other manufacturer provides this wide range of engines that are perfectly adjusted to the respective needs. Remarkable examples are the F5 Sailpower, which is designed for the purpose of an auxiliary motor for sailing boats.