Mercury Diesel

Quiet and Clean

Mercury´s advanced diesel engine technology delivers an entirely new level of comfort and enjoyment to recreational and commercial boating. Powerful and durable, quiet and smooth, virtually free of smoke and odor, our diesel inboards combine reliable operation with exceptional fuel economy, Mercury® Diesel engines start clean and pack a real punch. You gain quick acceleration and impressive throttle responses for fast planing times. And lose the problems traditionally associated with diesel engines. Ours are lightweight and 80 percent quieter than traditional diesels, with no smoke or odors. Get up and get going. Faster. Smoother. Better. 

Our various engine platforms from 2,0L to 6,7L of discplacement cover a power range from 130 to 550 hp. Paired with diverse drive options like sterndrives, shaft drives and Zeus Pods we can provide the diesel power for nearly any boat and application.

130–370 PS

Mercury Diesel Sterndrive Engines

Lightweight Diesel Power

TDI technology uses injectors to spray diesel fuel atomized directly into the main combustion chamber of each cylinder. This process optimizes fuel efficiency and minimizes emissions, along with engine Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NHV) for an enjoyable boating experience. The low weight of these diesels results in best-in-class power-to-weight ratio. Combined with great low-end torque, the end result is crowd-pleasing hole shot, great acceleration, low planing times and ultra-smooth performance. Mercury SmartCraft compatibility is built into these engines, delivering key information about vital engine functions on an easy-to-read LED display. SmartCraft Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) offers smooth shifting, immediate throttle response and high-tech digital controls.

The product range contains the MD series with engines between 2,0L and 6,7L displacement and 130 to 370 hp (and even up to 550 hp with Zeus Pods) and the 4,2 L V-8 TDI with 335 or 375 hp. For certain boats with dual installations Joystick Piloting for Sterndrives is available optionally providing unprecedented maneuvrability.

Depending on the engine model there is a broad range of Mercury sterndrives from Alpha One to Bravo Three XR to adapt the propulsion package to any specific application.

115–550 PS

Mercury Diesel Inboard Engines

Compact and Powerful

Combining the quiet, smooth performance of a traditional gasoline engine with the added fuel economy, torque and durability of a diesel, this four cylinder compact powerhouse features an advanced ECM with SmartCraft compatibility to monitor various engine parameters.

The MD 2.0 also features advanced components like the integrated heat exchanger and exhaust manifold, which also help reduce overall package size. Impressive acceleration and precise throttle response are the result of a proven common rail fuel system that includes a turbocharger and seawater aftercooler.

The product range consists of the MD series with engines from 2,0 L up to 6,7 L displacement and 115 hp up to 550 hp as well as the 4,2 L V8 TDI with 335 or 370 hp.

Depending on the engine model we can provide a wide range of shaft drives and V-drives from Twin Disc and ZF to perfectly match the propulsion system with each boat and application.

250–400 PS

Mercury Diesel MerCruiser Sterndrive

The Business End

Mercury MerCruiser offers an outstanding selection of state-of-the-art drive systems for single- and multi-engine applications. You can find the right match for any sterndrive-powered boat here, from runabouts to poker run contenders. Each of these drives is engineered to provide the maneuvrability, efficiency, ease of maintenance, and reduced cost of operation that today´s boaters demand, along with the power and performance you´ve come to expect from Mercury Marine.

The Alpha One is the world´s most popular sterndrive for many reasons. Compatible with our 2.0 L Diesel engines up to 170 hp it is best value for money and low maintenance.

The Bravo One sterndrive (with its variations Bravo One X and Bravo One XR) is first class regarding performance and speed.

The Bravo Two sterndrive (with its variations Bravo Two X and Bravo Two XR) is designed to deliver the thrust and lift that big cruisers and houseboats require. It enables the use of propellers with large diameters and blade surfaces.

The Bravo Three Sterndrive (with its variations Bravo Three X and Bravo Three XR) features a highly efficient counter-rotating twin-prop design. Bravo Three drives deliver superior holeshot for fast planing, great acceleration, world-class performance and precision maneurvability in forward and reverse.