1st Mate for more safety on the water

The new Mercury/Quicksilver 1st Mate Marine Safety & Security System is an innovative system that improves safety of boaters and their passengers as well improves security by its theft deterrent functionality. The system is based on wearables that are worn by boaters and passengers on board. The wearables are wirelessly connected to the hub that is installed in the boat and controls the system.

The main features of 1st Mate are the following:

  • Man-overboard monitoring and alerts – In case of somebody falling into the water all connected wearables sound an alarm and connected smartphones will inform about the emergency visually and acoustically and will show the position of the event on a map. In case the captain fell into the water the engines will stop and passengers are instructed via connected smartphones how to return to the captain in order to safe him or her.
  • Distress message capability – If the captain falls into the water a distress message containing location, direction, date and time of the man-overboard event will be sent to emergency contacts after a countdown timer expired.
  • Theft-deterrent functionality – 1st Mate will prevent the engines from being started unless a captain’s wearable is close by or the engines are unlocked via the mobile app.

1st Mate is available in a version for Mercury SmartCraft compatible engines and in a Quicksilver branded version for engines of other leading brands (with minor restrictions of functionality).

Further explanations on the functionality of 1st Mate can be found on www.1stmate.net.