Mercury Avator Electric Motor

Inspired Innovation

Mercury Marine has announced its Avator™ electric outboard concept, representing Mercury’s next step in marine innovation, advanced technology, and engineering. The electric outboard concept will be formally released later in 2022 and 2023.

Avator creates a new boating experience for Mercury’s global customers combining an investment in electrification with more than 80 years of expertise in the marine industry. Leveraging Mercury's leadership and reputation for hydrodynamics, corrosion resistance, reliability, and industrial design, the Avator concept will deliver a superior user experience for a wide range of vessels and activities. A new way to Go Boldly.

Learn more about the Mercury Avator concept and our vision for electrification at


Mercury Avator 7.5e

Electric Outboard

The Mercury® Avator™ 7.5e electric outboard delivers clean, quiet power in a portable package that’s as simple to use as it is fun to drive. Quick-connect batteries and intuitive controls make setup and operation a breeze. And with advanced displays and other technologies that monitor your battery level and range, you can explore the water with confidence. Just grab the controls and point the bow toward adventure. Avator makes getting there effortless.

Innovation is our legacy. Sustainability is our commitment. Across all our product lines, we’re working to redefine marine propulsion in ways that leave a positive impact on the environment. Electrification is one more step in our journey.

Zero Direct Emissions
Avator outboards transform the boating experience by making boating possible with no exhaust fumes and zero direct emissions.

Managing Our Impact
Each Avator outboard is crafted with many components that are recyclable or reusable. So you can have fun today knowing you’re making a positive impact for tomorrow.

Exceptionally Smooth and Quiet
Experience boating how it should be – calm, quiet and smooth. It’s outboard technology that leaves you fully immersed in the natural world around you.

Advanced Digital Displays
Monitor and control your Avator propulsion system from a vivid full-color display, optimized for readability in all light conditions. Your display shares speed, battery level, time and distance to “empty,” power output, and alerts. Everything you need to know to get the most from any journey. Intuitive Digitalsteuerungen Der Avator 7.5e Elektro-Außenborder ist entweder mit Steuerpinne oder mit der innovativen‚ Digital Power & Shift‘-Steuerung erhältlich und eignet sich für eine breite Palette von kleinen Booten.

Integrated Safety Features
•Motor Cutoff Safety Lanyard (all models) •Key Switch (remote controls only) •Neutral Lock (remote controls only)

Fortschrittliche Steuerpinne
Die einstellbare Steuerpinne für die beidhändige Nutzung wurde speziell entwickelt, damit jeder souverän das Ruder übernehmen kann. Sie lässt sich sogar zusammenklappen und in einen praktischen Tragegriff verwandeln. •Einstellung ohne Werkzeug für komfortable Steuerung •Vier Hochkant- und drei seitliche Stellungen •Beidseitig verwendbarer „Vorwärts-Rückwärts“-Griff

Advanced Lithium-Ion Battery Technology
Drop it in, close and go. The Avator 1kWh lithium-ion battery has no cables to connect. It slides right into place under the flip-up top cowl. Need to go even farther? No problem. The battery is easily interchangeable. You can bring along an available spare that swaps into place in seconds to keep you underway.